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Signature Destinations To Visit

Nainital attractions Visit to NAINA PEAK an ideal place for trekking

NAINA PEAK or earlier called as China Peak (at an altitude of 2,615m.)
Naina Peak trek time is 4 to 5hours from Mallital. Its most areas are under forest cover, comprising mainly of hilly terrain, all the three Himalayan Ranges, the greater, middle & lesser. Its a dream place for the bird watchers.
From Royal Court to NAINA PEAK Distance is 20km. ( By our free pickup & Drop 14km ) 6kms from Mallital.
The road to Naina Peak leads to a pleasant forest of vibrant rhododendrons, soaring deodars and cypresses. NAINA PEAK Trek is only for pedestrians

Tips for Trekkers
Wear Comfortable clothing, well Fitted Shoes & Pack Energy Boosters. Do not forget to carry camera & binoculars.

Nainital tourist attractions The ROPE WAY Connects to snow view point (2270 mts.) from Mallital.
Distance from THE ROYAL COURT HOTEL is 20km. It takes 2 minutes 31 Seconds to reach snow view point by trolley.
ROPE WAY timing 10AM to 5PM (Winter) 9AM to 6PM (summer).
For Booking Tickets of ROPE WAY Contact Reception or Cable car stand mallital booking Counter.

Distance from THE ROYAL COURT HOTEL 19km. ( 14km by our free pickup & Drop ) 5 km on foot or Horse Back.

Attractions in Nainital Sunrise & Sunset View from HANUMAN GARHI (1950MT)
Famous LORD HANUMAN JI TEMPLE, Built by, Baba Neem Karoli, Saint in around year1950.
Distance from THE ROYAL COURT HOTEL 21km motorable.

Ghanti Mandir
Distance from THE ROYAL COURT HOTEL 3km. Also called as Golu Devta Temple in Ghorakhal. This is the only temple in the world with thousands of bells hanging, giving mystic & spiritual aura.

Naukuchiya Taal
Distance from THE ROYAL COURT HOTEL 10km. Also known as `Lake Paradise', it is considered auspicious as the Pandavas were supposed to have bathed here. Legend says that anyone who spots all the nine corners of the lake at one go attains Nirvana. Naukuchiya Taal is a must visit for all. It is the perfect destination for those who love to have a silent, serene and peaceful holiday, away from glitz-blitz of cities.


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